Apple and the 3.5mm Socket

    The release of the iPhone 7 heralded the removal of the headphone jack.  I was nonplussed, to me it disenfranchised those who had invested in high quality after-market phones.  While the arrival of the AirPods was thought to justify removal of “outdated” technology, and Apple was regarded as being courageous,

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    What’s Happenin’?

    It’s been nearly a year since my last post.  I am still here, just haven’t been writing. Will be putting that right over the next few weeks.  Got some stories to tell, and some news to share. Watch this space….

    Music Collecting

    It has taken me a while to recognise it, but I am a music collector.  Maybe not that serious a one, but one nonetheless.  I thought that perhaps to be serious you needed 1000’s of CD and vinyl, and a drive to seek out that long lost recording of a

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    Monkey Rocks

    I have posted before about difficulty syncing my music manager of choice Media Monkey with my iPhone.  I thought I would try the 4.1.12 release of Media Monkey and see if the problems since iOS8.3 have been resolved.  These included the phone crashing, syncs becoming corrupted, and failure of play

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    Inbox Zero

    The mission – an empty inbox.  Not just empty once in a while, but always empty. Mission accomplished! Mission achieved by application of 5D.  Every email must be Dealt With, Deleted, Deferred (to a To Do list), Delegated, or Drawered (filed).  It can be done, the challenge is not letting

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