Ecoute Music App

    I can highly recommend the Ecoute app for listening to music on an iPod Touch or iPhone. For 4G iPod Touch it provides an iOS7 like experience, although the iOS6 version due to the smaller screen does not show quite as many on screen functions. It takes a bit of getting used to, playlists and genres etc are accessed via a link named “filters” for example. Unlike the stock app icons are racked 3 wide, not stacked vertically requiring a lot of scrolling. In use it is very smooth and works very well with an uncluttered screen. Scrobbling to Last FM is supported as well as being able to “love” a track – a feature missing from many players. You can also tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter what you are listening to from within the app.

    Highly recommended for users of older iPod/iPhones who are finding the stock music player limited and dated.