Media Monkey Genre Tagging

    The Genre Finder script for Media Monkey ( is a great tool for automatically tagging music files with genres sourced from the Last FM tag cloud. However as Last FM uses crowd sourced tags from users the values returned can be unexpected, or even not a genre you want. For example, it may return personal tags such as “My Favourite”, or “Great”. It may also return mispelt tags or tags in forms you do not prefer. The same genres can appear in different forms. For example Americana is essentially the same as Alternative Country, and you may want one or the other and not both in your collection. You may want to only use a small set of genres.

    Genre Finder ( allows you to add genres to White (Allow), Black (Disallow) and Keep (Preserve) lists as comma separated values (eg Alternative,Alternative Rock) but with long lists this is not easy. It does, however, support linking to files containing comma separated lists of allowed and disallowed genres using the format @PathToFile.

     To do this for myself I used the genre list at to create a Excel Spreadsheet that takes a list of genres to be allowed or blocked and writes the tag files with the path to the file for pasting into the Genre Finder settings.

    I thought I would make it available to others as I find it really useful and time saving. You can download it from the link below  It is macro enabled, so you will need to allow macros. Save it to wherever you like, edit the tags in each list (White to allow, Black to block, and Keep to preserve. Click the save button at the top and it will write the three files to the same path as the spreadsheet is saved in (this will need to be readable by Media Monkey. You will need to have the Genre Finder script installed in Media Monkey (links above). When the files have been created open Genre Finder settings in Media Monkey Options and select “Update List” create three lists set as Genre and set one as White, one as Black and one as Keep. Into the three empty fields paste the relevant path out of the spreadsheet keeping the first character as @ and without quotation marks eg@X:Musicgenres-whitelist.txt Save the settings and restart Media Monkey to load the contents into genre finder.

    I take no responsibility for use of the spreadsheet or the results it produces, and I have no connection or control over the Genre Finder script. Use both at your own risk.