I Don’t Want an iPhone

    With my mobile phone contract coming to an end, it was time to look for a new phone. My last two have been Android (HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S3) but I didn’t want another Android phone. I was fed up with apps that often looked like a student’s coursework, and worked as well as. Getting the S3 to do anything was fun, press the home button and wait to see if anything happened, or frantically swipe the screen to answer a call hoping it would actually pick up before the caller rang off.

    I didn’t want an iPhone – expensive and duplicates my iPod touch. So I decided Windows phone was probably what I wanted. I really like the tiled interface. But which one?

    Reading the reviews I kept reading the same comments – limited apps, lack of network take up, next to no market share, underpowered. Hmmm.

    The picture I got was that this is a phone waiting for its day, and that day hasn’t arrived yet or may never arrive.

    So back to the drawing board. What did I really want from a phone? I decided what I wanted was a phone that just worked, and let me do what I wanted I do without fuss. Where everything was seamless and integrated. So I got an iPhone….