Never Too Late

    Back in 1979, almost a different age now, I heard on the then UK late night music show The Old Grey Whistle Test a performance by Neil Young from Rust Never Sleeps. I loved it, but when I went to buy the album, I wasn’t sure exactly which track I had heard so didn’t buy it.

    Time would pass and I would make various attempts to explore Neil Young, sub consciously in search of a song I couldn’t remember the name of from an album I had forgotten.

    But, I never seemed to find it, what I heard was not what I was looking for. I thought maybe what I heard back in 1979 was too misted by time.  Then, one day 35 years later, browsing CDs in a charity shop 2 for £1, I came across a copy of Rust Never Sleeps. A eureka moment followed as a long forgotten search became remembered. I imported the CD onto the trusty iPod and wondered if this was what I was looking for. I needn’t have worried, the first few chords and Neil’s unique vocal brought it all back. Over the next few days I just couldn’t get enough of Pocahontas, Powderfinger, and Thrasher.

    Funny how music can mark the soul and stay with you for years.