The Future of iTunes?

    Anybody wondering how the future for iTunes might look should check out two things.

    The first is downloading iTunes.  The latest update failed so I needed to download it direct.  I headed over to to find it. However, a download link for iTunes is now not easy to find.  You can search for it.  Or you can drill down through the Apple Music page, its a long way down.  The message is clear – Apple Music first, iTunes second.

    The second is the latest update to iOS9.  After installing it when I launched the music app I got Apple Music, not My Music.  Added to the annoying banner that constantly prompts you that you are not showing all music (aka Apple Music), it seems Apple are pushing Apple Music pretty hard.

    So hard in fact, that it seems clear that those folks wanting to play old fashioned downloaded music are not so important any more.  I predict a slippery slope with Apple becoming less “friendly” to downloaded music, and Apple Music becoming less optional.  iTunes and iOS will become ever more Apple Music centric, possibly to the point that playing your own music may become a bit harder.