An Old Friend

    1979 ish, reading Dune by Frank Herbert, and listening to Wet Dream by Richard Wright.  A commercial flop at the time, but it stuck with me.  Out of print in the UK and not available for commercial download.  I managed to get a copy on CD from Amazon.

    Listening to it again, memories came back.  Not as evocative of Dune as I remembered.  I thought at the time it would make a good soundtrack to a film version, but I was probably wrong.  Very Floydian, as you might expect given Richard’s contribution to Pink Floyd.  Take away Gilmour’s guitar and Waters’ lyrics and you have the Floyd rhythm section in a nutshell.

    Fully demonstrates Richard’s ability to weave the Floyd soundscapes, but weak lyrically.  Ultimately too much like the Floyd without Gilmour and Waters and not a work in its own right.