Scan to OneNote

    With the release of Office 2016 Microsoft removed the ability to scan direct to OneNote.  This left the only option to get scans into OneNote as being to scan to a file, and then print that file to the Send to OneNote printer.  Then delete the file.  Clunky to say the least.

    There is an alternative.

    Download iCopy from and install it.  Set it up to print to the Send to OneNote printer.  Insert your document, click the start button and it scans to OneNote.

    For a slicker setup.  If your scanner has programmable buttons, iCopy can be set as a destination app.  You can assign buttons using the scanner software or Scanners and Cameras in Windows control panel.  Assign iCopy to a button.  Insert your document into the scanner and press the button.  The document is scanned direct into OneNote with one touch.  Neat!