Monkey Rocks

    I have posted before about difficulty syncing my music manager of choice Media Monkey with my iPhone.  I thought I would try the 4.1.12 release of Media Monkey and see if the problems since iOS8.3 have been resolved.  These included the phone crashing, syncs becoming corrupted, and failure of play counts to sync back to Media Monkey.

    Very pleased to report problem solved.  Only one glitch which was the phone crashing and restarting about 3000 tracks into a 5600 track sync.  However, the monkey simply picked up from where it had left off and finished the sync.  Whereas previously an aborted sync left orphaned files on the phone with a restore needed to clear them, this didn’t happen, sync just carried on, recognising the tracks previously synced.

    I was using Media Monkey (beta) with iOS 9.2.1.  No problems since.  Perfect!